Dawn Clark lives and works in Seattle and the remote Washington coast. Artist and Architect, her work is focused on natural and cultural forces expressed through painting, photography, and architecture. Drawing on deep connections and immersion in the wilderness and forests, the volcanic mountains, and surfing the cold waters of the Olympic Peninsula, she creates large scale paintings on industrial raw canvas, capturing and tracing the energy of powerful forces of nature at the edge of the Pacific Ocean. In her architectural practice, she seeks to reflect and amplify the energy of culture in all works, creating a canvas for human interactions. Inspired through understanding the history of the land and people, and their dreams for the future, she embeds the dimensions of time in the fine structure of her work. Completed projects include NYC Nordstrom Flagship, Iron Springs Osean Studios, Osaka Sogo flagship, Jakarta Seibu flagship, 20+ Nordstrom Stores across the US, Dubai and Jakarta Harvey Nichols, Starbucks International 60+ countries including flagships in Mumbai, Shanghai, Sao Paolo, Hong Kong, Paris, London, Dubai, Singapore, Amsterdam, Tokyo, and Harrods of London renovations.